Oil and Diesel Fuel spills

Initial Response

  1. Stop operations and shut off equipment.
  2. Remove any sources of spark or flame.
  3. Contain the source of the spill where possible.
  4. Determine the approximate volume of the spill.
  5. Identify the location of nearby storm drains, sewers and natural waterways.
  6. Ensure that fellow workers are notified of the spill.
  7. Contact the Environmental Health and Research Safety Department
  8. Contact Campus Security if any of the following are required:

    • First Aid 
    • Assistance from the fire department and/or other emergency responders
    • Evacuation of the surrounding area
    • Traffic control

Cleanup and Containment

  1. Obtain spill response materials from the nearest spill response kit or by contacting Facilities Services.
  2. Limit the spread of the spill by placing absorbent materials around the perimeter of the spill.
  3. Contact an external clean-up company to clean up the spill and to dispose of contaminated materials.


  1. Complete an incident report form.
  2. Environmental Health and Research Safety will report the spill to the appropriate external agencies (e.g., EMBC, GVRD, City of Burnaby), if necessary.