Mercury Waste

*NEW* Please be aware that disposal costs for liquid mercury have significantly increased since the fall of 2015. Disposal of elemental mercury is more than 2000% higher on a per kg basis. Disposal costs for mercury compounds have also increased, by about 80%.

In order to minimize the burden of disposal, EHRS is requesting your assistance with the following: 
1. When preparing intact equipment containing elemental mercury (e.g., thermometers, sphygmomanometers) for waste pickup, please remove all associated parts and/or materials which are not in direct contact with the mercury. The component containing the mercury should be double bagged and labelled as "Contains elemental mercury". 
2. In the case of items contaminated with liquid mercury, for example from the clean up of a broken thermometer, please collect the liquid mercury separately in a small vial and label as above. Any contaminated glass, gloves, paper towel etc. should be double bagged and labelled as "Contains trace elemental mercury".

Please contact Catherine Peltier ( in EHRS if there are any questions.