Fire Safety Plans

SFU Vancouver and Surrey fire safety plans are developed by individual building management.

SFU Burnaby fire safety plans are developed by EHRS.  These plans consist of 3 sections:

Section 1: Fire Fighter Information

This section gives the fire department building location, construction type, and access directions.

Section 2: Building Information

This section provides details on building features and contents such as hazardous materials, location of gas and water shut-off valves, sprinklers and the ventilation system.

Section 3: Occupant Instructions

This section deals with fire evacuation personnel in each building and information for occupants on the fastest evacuation routes and procedures, assembly area location, and information for mobility impaired persons.

Fire Protection Systems and Equipment

Fire protection systems and equipment are maintained, inspected and tested on a regular basis by Facilities Services.  They've established an inspection and maintenance program for the fire alarm system, detection equipment and fire fighting equipment.