First Aid Program


Our goal is to provide first aid without delay to students, visitors and workers who suffer an injury or illness on SFU campuses, or when employees conduct field research. We also comply with, or exceed, regulatory occupational first aid requirements for workers as outlined in the WorkSafeBC Occupational Health & Safety Regulation of BC, Section 3:14 - 3:21 .


SFU First Aid Attendants (FAAs) will provide immediate treatment to injured persons and are in charge of all first aid treatment until patient care is transferred to responding BC Ambulance Paramedics, an attendant with a higher level of certificate, a physician, a registered nurse with a valid Level 2 or 3 certificate or a person licensed as a First Responder or Emergency Medical Responder under the Emergency and Health Services Act.

Any decisions of the FAA relating to treatment or transport of a patient cannot be overruled, and an attendant cannot refer a worker or student back to work or class until the attendant is satisfied that all treatment is complete.  FAAs do not have the authority to overrule a patient’s decision to seek, or their choice of, medical attention.


First aid facilities and certified first aid attendants in the workplace are essential services to ensure that appropriate first aid is provided without delay.  SFU ensures that:

  • A system is in place to summon the appropriate level of first aid response;
  • Appropriate first aid facilities are available and stocked with equipment and supplies according to the regulatory requirements, and supported by the appropriate level FAA;
  • A system is in place to arrange transport of injured/ill persons who require further medical treatment, beyond the scope of the first aid attendant's level of care, to: SFU Health & Counselling services, where physicians are on site during working hours, or the nearest hospital;
  • Field research FAAs have received training in wilderness first aid.


  • Volunteer fire wardens, BERT and EVT volunteer members with level 1 first aid certification and equipped with basic first aid kits, are available in most buildings.  They will only respond to provide first aid as required, during a major medical emergency or other emergencies, such as earthquakes or other disasters, to provide initial first aid and will remain on scene until Campus Security’s FAA arrives or an ambulance crew arrives.
  • Code Blue emergency response procedures have been developed as a collective internal protocol between Health Counselling and Campus Security.