Incident Investigations

All incidents and near misses will be investigated and the findings submitted to EHS.  The SFU Incident Investigation Report Form should be used for this purpose.

The purpose of an incident investigation is to identify the root cause(s) of the incident and make recommendations for corrections and improvements to prevent further injury or losses. It is not intended to find fault or lay blame.

Who investigates?

  • The incident investigation is completed by the supervisor.
  • When the incident involves an SFU employee and a WorkSafeBC Form 7 report is submitted, the investigation team includes the Local Joint Health and Safety Committee.
  • If the incident is of a serious nature (i.e. requires immediate reporting to WorkSafeBC), a full incident investigation will be conducted by Environmental Health and Safety in co-operation with the department and WorkSafeBC inspectors.

For visitor incidents and student incidents occurring outside of class, investigations are undertaken as follows:

  • SFU Burnaby - EHS investigates
  • SFU Surrey and  SFU Vancouver – Facilities Services investigates in cooperation with EHS