Risk Assessment

EHRS is available to provide guidance in undertaking safety risk assessments, call 778.782.4978. We'll assist in identifying workable options to address the risks, and where appropriate, provide or coordinate training.

When are risk assessments required?

  • Whenever a new work task is developed
  • When new equipment is purchased
  • When a new employee is hired
  • If chemical products are involved
  • When changing to a new chemical product
  • When new activities are scheduled (renovations, noisy activities etc.)
  • When work spaces are changed

Who performs risk assessments?

  • Supervisors
  • Employees


  • A supervisor is defined as any faculty or staff with authority to assign and supervise work, research or teaching activities. Supervisors are required to:
    Identify safety risks (hazards) associated with the activities and facilities;
  • Implement appropriate controls to mitigate the risks.

Once the risks are identified and appropriate controls implemented, conditions must be monitored to assess the effectiveness of the controls.


All employees are responsible for assessing their work activities for safety risks and alerting their supervisors when hazards are perceived.

What happens when supervisor and employee disagree on safety risk?

Employees can elevate their safety concern to their local safety committee or contact EHRS at 778.782.4978.