Safety Committees

A safety committee structure supports and guides safety programs at SFU.  The structure includes:

  • A Central University Health and Safety Committee (CUHSC)
  • Local Joint Health and Safety committees (LJHSC)
  • Research-related safety committees (Radiation, Biosafety and Diving).

The  Central University Health and Safety Committee ( CUHSC ) reports to the Chief Safety Officer and addresses safety policies and safety issues arising in public areas.  It also promotes communication and information sharing among the various local joint health and safety committees.  

Local Joint Health and Safety Committees (LJHSC ) report to the head of the department. They assist in monitoring the effectiveness of the departmental safety program, consider safety concerns raised by employees and students, make appropriate recommendations to department heads and promote safety communication to foster a safety-conscious culture.  

Research-related Safety Committees report to the Vice-President, Research and address specific regulatory requirements that must be met to engage in research activity.


Safety Inspections

A General Safety Inspection Checklist, Laboratory Safety Inspection Checklist, Inspection Guidance Document and Inspection Summary Report template are provided here. 

Safety Committee Member Guidance Document

A Guidance Document is available for safety committee members that outlines the mandate of safety committees, the roles and responsbilities of commitee members, communication between CUHSC and the LJHSCs, and how safety concerns/issues are raised from the LJHSCs to CUHSC.