Safety Policies

The following is a brief overview of the objective of the safety policies.

GP 13 Ergonomics

This policy establishes a requirement for all departments at SFU campuses to prevent work-related musculoskeletal injury (MSIs) by ensuring that the workplace has been assessed for risks leading to MSIs and by requiring that appropriate mitigating actions are implemented.

GP 16 Non Smoking Policy

All indoor areas of university buildings, including restaurants, all covered parking areas and the interior of all its work vehicles are smoke-free areas; smoking is restricted to outdoor locations away from fresh air intakes and areas where smoke could be drawn into buildings.

GP 17 OH&S Policy

The safety of all members of the university community and visitors to the campus is a major concern. The policy of the university is to:

  • Protect the safety of all faculty, staff, students and visitors against unsafe conditions and occupational hazards; 
  • Formulate and carry out continuing effective safety programs appropriate to university operations, including instructional activities in off-campus settings; 
  • Give priority to a safe work environment in the planning, direction and implementation of university activities; 
  • Comply with all relevant statutes, regulations and standards of regulatory authorities representing occupational health and safety.

GP 22 Fire Procedure

The university has a legal obligation to conform to the regulations issued under authority of the Fire Services Act of British Columbia and the National Fire Code of Canada, as adopted by the Municipality of Burnaby for the Burnaby campus, or the City of Vancouver for Harbour Centre, regarding the provision, inspection, testing and maintenance of fire safety equipment and the maintenance of a comprehensive fire response program.


GP 25 Response to Violence and Threatening Behaviour

This policy outlines how the university responds to emergency and non-emergency situations caused by threats to personal safety, and to violence directed at any member of the campus community

GP 31 Emergency Management of Physical and Other Disasters

This policy sets out the appropriate response within the university to address physical or other disasters that have significantly disrupted university operations, or have the potential to do so.

GP 32 Environmental Management Policy

This policy establishes responsible stewardship of the environment as an institutional priority by meeting or exceeding regulatory requirements for environmental protection set by local, provincial or federal authorities or granting agencies. It educates and assists members of the university community to understand and fulfill their responsibilities in protecting the environment.

GP 33 Animal/Pet Policy

With the exception of animals providing assistance to persons with disabilities, animals/pets are not permitted under the terms of the leases at SFU Vancouver and SFU Surrey and are prohibited in on-campus student residences. It is the university's strong preference that, with the exceptions of working animals and research animals, animals/pets should not be brought onto the Burnaby campus.

GP 39 Working Alone or In Isolation

Provides for measures to protect the health and safety of, and minimize risk to, any worker who works alone or at an isolated place of employment as defined in the Workers Compensation Act, Occupational Health and Safety Regulation, (Sections 4.20 – 4.23).  Adherence to this policy helps to meet health and safety legal requirements and demonstrate due diligence in working alone or in isolated situations.

R20.02 Biosafety Policy

The objective of this policy is to ensure the safety of students, faculty, staff, the community and the environment when using biohazardous materials under the auspices of Simon Fraser University, and to facilitate research, teaching and testing in compliance with the applicable regulations and standards.