If you discover a fire or are alerted of a fire and there is no alarm ringing:

  • Pull nearest fire alarm
  • Close the door and leave the area
  • Then follow the steps below

When you hear the fire alarm:

  • Evacuate via nearest exit, do not use elevators
  • Close all doors behind you
  • Ensure others around you are aware of the fire and if possible get people out of immediate danger and close the door to the room or area
  • Go to assembly area for your building, relay information to Fire Wardens and listen to their directions
  • Do not re-enter until authorized by the Fire Department or Campus Security

Mobility Challenges:

  • On the ground floor/floor with emergency exit outside: Exit via the nearest emergency exit and proceed to the assembly area for your building
  • All other floors: Proceed to the nearest exit route.  Take refuge in stair wells or designated refuge areas if available. Ensure that Fire Wardens or the Fire Department is aware of your location and wait for rescue.
  • SFU staff and faculty who are mobility impaired ensure that you are listed with your Building Evacuation Coordinator

Campus Specific Information: Review  fire safety information for each campus:

Reporting a fire

In the event of an emergency, call 911.

Additionally, all fires, regardless of size, must be reported to Campus Security at 778-782-4500. From a safe phone, inform Campus Security of the fire incident and provide any details that you may have concerning the fire.

Safety Tips

  • Feel the top of doors. If they are hot, or smoke is visible, do not open
  • Do not attempt to save any possessions at the risk of personal injury
  • Do not break windows because oxygen feeds fire
  • Stay low if moving through smoke
  • Staff should offer to assist students and visitors  during a building evacuation if possible
  • If safe to do so, supervisors should shut down equipment and main shut off valves prior to evacuating
  • Use a fire extinguisher on small fires ONLY if you are trained and it is safe to do so
  • Follow directions of Fire Evacuation Personnel