How do I join the EVT?

By filling in the online form and attending the next orientation session.

What does the EVT do?

Provides information and assistance to individuals around campus during an emergency event at SFU and promotes public awareness about emergency preparedness at SFU.

  • i.e. directing people to a place to get a warm beverage while waiting for weather conditions to improve, or answering questions about transit service
  • i.e. distributing supplies or registering people at an overnight shelter and answering questions about the emergency

Who is the EVT?

A team of volunteer students, staff and faculty.

What services does the EVT provide in an emergency at SFU?

  • Information about the emergency, the condition of roads, status of transit, places to get more information
  • Information about access to dining services, lodging, other specialized needs
  • Basic first aid

Why should I become an EVT volunteer?

Your community needs you to help during a challenging time. Volunteering provides a sense of community belonging, the satisfaction of helping others, and builds new skills and training.  As an EVT member you will receive:

  • First aid and emergency preparedness training
  • The most current information during an emergency
  • A letter of appreciation from SFU
  • Networking opportunities with other staff, faculty and students
  • Practical volunteer experience that makes a great addition to any résumé

When is the EVT activated?

In emergency situations – occurring during business hours – that require:

  • Information to be immediately available around campus
  • The establishment of an information centre
  • Other forms of support to the SFU community

How does the EVT help SFU respond to emergencies?


Emergencies may require SFU to initially rely on its own people to help in an emergency.  Emergency response at SFU will be addressed by various service units such as Campus Security, Facilities Services and Environmental Health and Safety. Assisting these units are volunteer groups like the EVT that are willing to provide support during an emergency.