Enterprise Risk & Resilience

The Enterprise Risk & Resilience department (ERR) provides leadership around strategic and operational risks at the University. ERR also offers services and programs including emergency preparedness, insurance risk management, travel safety, and more.

Program Areas

Emergency & Continuity Planning

Emergency & Continuity Planning prepares plans to address emergencies and adverse conditions that could disrupt university operations. Learn campus emergency procedures, find personal emergency planning resources, and sign-up with our Emergency Volunteer Team.

International Travel Safety

International Travel Safety supports the safety and wellbeing of students during SFU-related travel. Register your travel, attend pre-departure workshops, check-out our travel resources, and learn what resources are available in case of an emergency.

Risk Management

Risk Management provides certificates of insurance, reduces risks associated with the university’s programs and activities, provides insurance, contract indemnity services, processes claims, and managing SFU's vehicle and marine vessel fleets.