Air travel claims

Air Travel Cancellation

SFU’s Air Travel Cancellation Insurance is similar to the cancellation insurance at your travel agent. SFU board members, employees and individuals performing work on behalf of the University or representing Simon Fraser University do not need to purchase flight cancellation insurance if the flight is associated with University business.

Any expense that has been paid for from an SFU account would be deemed as official University business and therefore would be eligible for cancellation coverage.  However, whether or not the actual incident qualifies for coverage will depend on the circumstances.

In order to maximize loss recover, notify the airline and/or travel agency of your cancellation at the earliest possible opportunity. Additionally, please inquire about the availability of and restrictions pertaining to flight credits. 

Please note the complete air travel cancellation claim must be submitted within 3 months of the flight cancellation date.

Submit a travel insurance claim

Part A: Contact information

Part B: Claim documents

1. Reason for cancellation

Provide supporting documentation for one of the cancellation reasons below. You must check one of the boxes in order to be eligible for reimbursement.
Provide documentation showing the flight booking such as a copy of the boarding pass or itinerary. It should include:

As applicable, provide a FAST, bank, or credit card statement showing the flight purchase.

For personal statements, please ensure that the name of the card holder is visible. You may obscure other personal information that does not pertain to the claim.


Provide documentation showing that the travel was for the purpose of SFU work such as:

  • conference registration
  • speakers list of conference in which the attendee is one of the presenters
  • description of intended meetings
  • approval from the Dean/Director level for the travel
5. Flight credits
Note: Risk Management will follow up to determine if any airline credit from the reimbursed flight is used. You may not claim for full reimbursement if you are planning to use the credit received.
6. Finance Advance
Note: reimbursements must be put towards an outstanding advance before a direct payment can be issued.

For policy details please refer to Business and Travel Expense Policy AD 3.02  and Section 5.4.4 Air Travel Cancellation Insurance in Business and Travel Expense Procedure AD 3.02 P1.