Event Planning

If you are conducting an activity or planning an event, either on or off campus, the items below may be of guidance to you. 

Risk Assessment Tool

This Risk Assessment Tool can help you assess, prioritize, and document your risks. Whether you are assessing general departmental risks, conducting an activity, planning an event, or assessing a contract, completing a detailed risk assessment in this manner provides evidence that you have been duly diligent in your planning process. 

Risk Assessment Tool 

Planning Non-Classroom Activities for SFU Classes

For most field trips and other non-classroom activities you will need to ensure that participants are aware of the potential risks. Whether this notification is through a formal legal document, a memo, or a classroom announcement will depend on the type of activity and the level of risk involved.

For assistance in determining the appropriate type of notification, please see the Non-Classroom Activities Guide

Booking Off-Campus Facilities

When booking a facility, you will likely be provided a contractual agreement from the facility you are booking.  Please review the document carefully; if there is an indemnity statement, it must be reviewed by Risk Management; if there is a request for proof of insurance, please see the certificate of insurance webpage.

Please note that only SFU activities officially approved at the Dean or Director level are eligible for coverage under SFU's liability insurance.

Run/Walk Events

Below is a list of Running/Walking Event requirements. This list is not inclusive of all requirements. Please consult with Campus Security for more information. If you are planning an event in Convocation Mall please contact Risk Management.

Planning a Campus Running Event

Event Planning Checklist

Experiential Learning

Experiential learning is the process of learning through interactive experience. This guide refers to self-directed experiential learning components of SFU courses where students are required to engage with the community outside the classroom. For the purpose of this document, experiential learning does not include: practicums, cooperatives, internships, fieldwork, or employment (paid or unpaid).

Relevant Links

Contact Risk Management if you have additional questions in regards addressing risks when planning SFU events.