SFU Insurance Claims

If your department has suffered a loss in regards to SFU work or an SFU sanctioned event, you may be able to submit a claim through SFU's insurance.

Reimburseable claims generally fall into one of two categories:

Air Travel Claims

SFU’s Air Travel Cancellation Insurance is similar to the cancellation insurance at your travel agent. SFU board members, employees and individuals associated with the University and/or working on behalf of the University do not need to purchase flight cancellation insurance if the flight is associated with University business.

Any expense that has been paid for from an SFU account would be deemed as official University business and therefore would be eligible for cancellation coverage.  However, whether or not the actual incident qualifies for coverage will depend on the circumstances.

Theft or Damage Claims

If SFU owned, rented, leased, or borrowed equipment is damaged or stolen, your department can submit a claim to recuperate some or all of the replacement costs. A $1000 deductible applies in most cases; however, this may be reduced or waived if the incident is shown to be beyond the ability of the victim to prevent.

NOTE: Do not dispose of any damaged equipment until you are directed in writing to do so from Risk Management. doing so may void your claim.

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Contact Risk Management if you have additional questions in regards to making an insurance claim.