Submit a Theft or Damage Claim

We are sorry that you have experienced a theft or damage.  Following the claim procedure below will assist Risk Management with evaluating your claim.  If we need clarification on any information, we will contact you, and of course, you are welcome to contact us any time.

Claim Procedure for Theft or Damage to University Equipment or Vehicles

A $1000 deductible applies to most claims except where the incident is shown to be beyond the ability of the victim to prevent.

Do not dispose of any damaged equipment until you are directed in writing to do so from Risk Management, doing so may void your claim

Step 1 – Report the Incident

File a Non-Emergency Incident Report using SFU Security’s e-Alert system. The Security Office may contact you to follow up. If available, we recommend that you include any police or other report reference numbers. 

All incidents must be reported to security within three months of the incident date and documentation supporting the claim must be received by Risk Management within six months of the incident date.  

Step 2 – Submit Claim Documents to Risk Management

Please contact Risk Management and provide the following documents/items listed below

  1. The Non-Emergency Incident Report number that you received from SFU Security.
  2. Photographs of the incident site or damage location, if available.
  3. Police/RCMP report or case number, if applicable.
    • All claims that result from an unlawful act, such as theft or vandalism, must be reported to the local authorities in order to be considered for reimbursement.
  4. A statement indicating whether or not the claimant is an employee of SFU, and whether or not the item is SFU property.
  5. Copies of documentation showing the original purchase price, such as receipts/purchase orders, or a reasonable justification as to the value of the item.
  6. If the item was damaged or stolen from off campus, please provide a document indicating that:
    • The supervisor or department is the owner of the item.
    • The reason the item was off campus was a normal course of SFU work activities. For research equipment, a description of the off-site protocols that refer to the damaged equipment may suffice.
  7. Other relevant supporting documentation such as departmental safety procedures, work orders, repair/replacement invoices, or quotes for repair/replacement of items.
  8. If a claim includes SFU-owned computers, furniture, other capital assets, or the total value is over $10,000 Cdn, the purchase of replacement items must be transacted through Procurement Services. For computer claims, in addition to all other claim documents, please provide the following details:
    • Specifications of the original computer(s):
      • Purchase Order
      • Purchase date
      • Model
      • Processor speed
      • RAM
      • Hard drive
      • Screen size (corner to corner)
      • Video card
      • Price before tax
    • A quote for a replacement computer that matches as close as possible the specifications of the damaged or lost computer: obtain a quote from Procurement Services or indicate an IT services' standardized computer ordering product.
    • If you are planning to take this opportunity to upgrade your computer, please also include a quote for the intended replacement computer: obtain a quote from Procurement Services or indicate an IT services' standardized computer ordering product.

Step 3 – Reimbursement

Upon approval, Risk Management will reimburse the affected department by way of a journal voucher.  Charges must have already been incurred by the department before reimbursement will be issued.  For most claims Risk Management will not pay third party invoices or expenses directly.

To expedite the reimbursement process please:

  1. Obtain preapproval for purchases by submitting a quote with or shortly after your claim submission.
  2. Process replacement purchases through an SFU account.
  3. Submit receipts to Risk Management in a timely manner.  Note that claims will generally be closed six months after the date of loss.
  4. Submit an SFU FAST accounting statement showing the dollar value of the replaced item.

Theft or Damage to Personal Equipment or Vehicles

Non-University owned vehicles, equipment (including computing equipment purchased with SFU Professional Development Funds and used for work purposes at home), and other personal items are not eligible for reimbursement.

Based on SFU Policy A21.04, equipment that is purchased for University related work, and subsequently kept in the possession of the purchaser following retirement is deemed owned by the purchaser. The University has no rights to this property, and therefore does not provide compensation for its loss.

These items often can be claimed through your personal home insurance. If you believe that your situation warrants a special exception, please contact Risk Management.

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Contact Risk Management if you have additional questions in regards to making an insurance claim.

Updated June 16, 2014