Liquor Permits

Various clubs, organizations and other SFU-sanctioned groups and individuals may organize functions where alcoholic beverages are served. It’s important to note that serving alcoholic beverages is subject to both provincial regulations and SFU policy.

It’s imperative that any group or individual wishing to obtain a permit to serve alcoholic beverages be familiar with the SFU Policy and Procedures manual that contains the university's policy.

Any person or group requiring a Special Occasion License should contact a Campus Security supervisor at 778.782.3922, or email at least seven days prior to the event for applicable forms and more information. Approval is not automatic and Campus Security may require special provision in the area of security services before approval is granted. Applicants also need to get police approval from the Burnaby RCMP main police detachment at 6355 Deer Lake Ave, Burnaby.  Police approval can take several days. It’s important to begin the application process as soon as possible.

Click here for a link to a PDF of SFU Policy AD 1-12 Appendix III, which includes detailed application information and instructions.

If you have questions on this process please contact a Campus Security supervisor at 778.782.3922, or email