Zone Liaison Program

A secondary duty of SFU Campus Security Supervisors is to act as liaisons between the Campus Security department and the community. Zone liaisons provide guidance on crime prevention tips, personal security pointers, the Safe Walk,and Lone Worker initiatives, and issues regarding the physical security of your work area.

To contact the Zone Liaison officer for your area, see the list below:

Zone 1

Name Email Locations (West)
    Childcare Facilities:
Verdant, Highlands, Centre
    Halpern Centre
    Lorne Davies Complex
    Residence & Housing
    Transportation Centre
    WAC Bennett Library
    West Mall Complex

Zone 2

Name Email Locations (Central)
John Nguyen Applied Science Building
    Convocation Mall
    Maggie Benston Centre
    Shrum Science Centre/Classroom
     - Biology
     - Chemistry
     - Kinesiology
     - Physics
    South Science Building
    University Centre Building

Zone 3

Name Email Locations (East)
Jason Morlin Academic Quadrangle (AQ)
    Blusson Hall
    Education Building
    Robert C. Brown 
    Saywell Hall
    Strand Hall
    Strand Hall Annex

Zone 4

Name Email Locations (Perimeter)
Gord Scheurer
Alcan Aquatic Centre

Animal Facilities

Bee Research


Diamond Alumni Centre

Discovery Parks

Facilities Services




Water Tower Building