If you leave it, you could lose it

Personal item theft (theft of opportunity) is the most reported crime on campuses across Canada.
Protect yourself by educating yourself.


Report ANY suspicious persons or activities to Campus Security's emergency lines IMMEDIATELY:

  • Burnaby - 778.782.4500
  • Surrey - 778.782.7511
  • Vancouver - 778.782.5252
  • Goldcorp - 778.782.6649
  • Or visit the online reporting system [note: this is not an immediate response line, but a Security member will contact you as soon as possible]


Marking up your personal electronic devices not only allows you to personalize your stuff, but it also makes the item less desirable for thieves because the resell value is lower.

  • Personalize your personal electronic devices
  • Engrave them with an identifying number like a Driver's Licence#
  • Keep a record of your devices and their markings


Preventing theft is not only about watching your stuff, but keeping an eye out for others as well. We are all "Partners in Safety" when on campus. We need to keep this community safe together.

  • Be aware of your surroundings
  • Watch your property and that of others
  • Report suspicious people and activities to Security immediately 
  • During exam time, don't bring anything more than what you need