Bicycle Theft - Tips on Theft Prevention

  1. Lock your bike in a well lit area where other, undamaged bikes are located.
  2. Use two kinds of locks as thieves normally only carry tools to bypass one style.
    U style flat key lock – These locks are the best recommended.  You can use it to lock the front or rear tire and part of the frame to a bike rack.  If you have expensive gears, it is better to lock the back tire to the frame so they cannot be stolen.
    Cable lock – A cable lock should be intertwined through the frame and the tires and to the bikerack.  This will prevent theft of the wheel without the cable lock.
  3. Take any accessories with you, including lights and the seat.  If you must leave the seat, ensure that the cable lock also passes through your seat posts.
  4. Use locking skewers.
  5. Engrave your license number on your bike.
  6. You can personalize your bike with stickers or other items that will give it a unique look so it is less attractive to potential thieves.
  7. Put your name and contact info on a piece of plastic or somewhere where it cannot be washed off,  place that inside your back tire, between the inner tube and the wheel.  If the bike is stolen and   taken in for repair, bike repair technicians should find it and be able to return your bike to you. 
  8. Only lock your bike to a properly installed bike rack. Attaching it to street signs may get your bike removed or impounded at your cost, or it may be easier for thieves to remove, by lifting it over the height of the pole or other means.