Office Theft - Tips on Theft Prevention

Some things you should do to prevent theft of SFU and personal property from your office include:

  1. Keep window coverings closed at night so no one can see inside;
  2. Turn off computers and other electronics so their lights do not attract thieves;
  3. Ensure that your office door is closed and locked when you are not in, even if it is expected to be a short duration away from the office;
  4. Keep personal valuables either on your person, or locked within the desk or cabinet;
  5. Never leave keys to desks or cabinet drawers in the office;
  6. For laptops and other equipment, use a cable lock to secure your property and ensure that it is secured to the floor or other equipment that can not be lifted with ease.

Campus Security is more than willing to conduct a security audit of your office space and is equipped to make recommendations to provide a safer and more secure work space.  Feel free to contact us at 778-782-3100 and ask for the duty Security Supervisor.