Vehicle Theft - Tips on Theft Prevention

  1. Do not keep your spare vehicle key in or on your car.
  2. Use an anti-theft device, such as a steering wheel lock or an ignition lock.
  3. Install an alarm system.
  4. Ensure that your car is secure and that no items that may attract a thief are visible.
  5. Avoid parking in dark or concealed areas, plan for when you plan to return and the lighting conditions at that time.
  6. Engrave any onboard valuables such as the battery, wheels and stereo.
  7. Install and use wheel locks for higher end wheels and tires.
  8. Lets talk Insurance papers:
    Insurance papers typically include your address and, in some cases, banking and financial information that can be used to transfer the title of the vehicle.
    It is recommended that you keep only the form that has the regstration part in the vehicle. You should keep a copy in the glove box with your personal information blacked out and hide the original in your vehicle where it is less likely to be found. You need to protect your personal information ESPECIALLY if you keep spare house keys or a garage door opener in your car (which is also not recommended).

Vehicle theft has been a highly targeted crime for Law Enforcement agencies in BC for several years. There have also been many advancements to prevent theft of vehicles including a requirement in newer vehicle to have an engine immobilizer installed.

Top 10 Vehicles stolen in Greater Vancouver in 2012 as per ICBC:

1. Honda Civic;
2. Ford F-Series;
3. Honda Accord;
4. Chrysler Caravan/Voyager;
5. Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee;
6. Ford Econoline;
7. Toyota Corolla;
8. Chevrolet Silverado or GMC Sierra;
9. Acura Integra;
10.Toyota Camry/Solara.