Alcohol Awareness

In the event of an emergency:

Alcohol and drug use can be dangerous. Overdoses, injuries and accidents may occur, with harmful consequences. These symptoms can be dangerous and should be managed by a physician. If your situation is an emergency, we urge you to call 911 or go directly to your nearest hospital emergency room. Getting help for an immediate crisis is essential.

Are you struggling with addiction or dependency?

All people suffering from alcoholism and addiction/dependency deserve the chance to be helped. If you are concerned about your own alcohol or other drug use or that of someone you care about contact SFU Health and Counselling Services for advice and support. They provide SFU students with free Counselling Services
Confronting alcohol and drug problems is difficult, but can be an important first step toward recovery and the chance for a healthier and more productive life. We encourage you to reach out for support and take the steps necessary to recover.

Immediate effects of alcohol

Depending on how much and how fast you drink, the following may occur:

  • loss of muscle control
  • poor coordination
  • impaired judgment and reasoning
  • loss of inhibitions

Long-term results of alcohol may include:

  • brain and liver damage
  • malnutrition
  • personality disorders
  • increased risk of ulcers, heart disease, heart attacks, and cancers of the liver, mouth, throat and stomach
  • alcohol dependency