Canada’s Technology and Aging Network welcomes renewed federal funding

May 12, 2020

AGE-WELL has received $21.9 million to improve quality of life for older adults and caregivers.

welcomes today’s announcement that AGE-WELL’s funding has been renewed through the federal Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE) program to the end of fiscal year 2022-2023. AGE-WELL will receive $21.9 million over three years—a significant investment that will help Canada respond to the needs and challenges of an aging population through technology-based solutions that enable older adults to maintain their independence, health and quality of life, and support their caregivers. 

The STAR Institute is proud to support the AGE-WELL network and community as it continues to make a difference in the lives of older Canadians. Co-Scientific Director of AGE-WELL and SFU STAR Director, Dr. Andrew Sixsmith, was interviewed by SFU regarding AGE-WELL's renewed federal funding. 

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