New AGE-WELL Book | Knowledge, Innovation, and Impact: A Guide to the Engaged Health Researcher

January 26, 2021

A new AGE-WELL book, developed in partnership with SFU STAR, titled Knowledge, Innovation and Impact: A Guide for the Engaged Health Researcher has been published.

This book aims to provide researchers with a straightforward and accessible guide on how to carry out research by combining both good science with real-world impact. The format of this book is very simple - short chapters on key topics, case studies and learning activities, written in plain language that will guide researchers through the process of research-driven innovation. The book has sixty-eight author contributors and has been a tremendous and rewarding effort to coordinate. This is the only book currently available dealing with practical aspects of transdisciplinary, community-based research and will place AGE-WELL and SFU at the forefront of scientific leadership in this approach to research. The book is directly relevant to SFU’s commitment to community-engaged research by providing a practical guide to this approach. 

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