Building community and a sense of belonging

The building community and a sense of belonging key project area will work to evoke a sense of belonging and connection; ensuring SFU is a welcoming, safe, equitable, and inclusive community for all students; supporting transitions in and out, especially for those coming from different environments and bridging to new ones.

Opportunities to get involved

Join a working group

We're looking for students to join our group which meets every two weeks.

Main contact

Interested in learning more about this key area, or have a suggestion?


Lara Campbell
Professor, Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies

Progress to date

The building community and a sense of belonging group has:

  • Key area working group formed and regular check-ins scheduled, now recruiting student members
  • Developed rough draft of terms of reference and principles
  • Recruited students to work with the student body to develop and generate ideas for SEI funded initiatives
  • Completed a collaborative student mural project during Welcome week which will be installed later in October; over 500 students participated
  • Hired marshmallow roasting educators to accompany weekly firepit programming; firepits offered daily


Upcoming milestones


Anticipated date

Finalizing student members of working group October 2018
Receive database of submitted projects and begin review October 2018
Meeting to coordinate construction of permanent, SFU owned firepits October 2018