Home away from home

The home away from home key project area will create spaces and opportunities for commuter students so that they want to stay on campus between classes and engage more fully with the SFU campus communities.

Opportunities to get involved

Participate in a consultation

What do you want to see changed on campus? How could the physical campus be more vibrant and exciting? What would entice you to stay on campus between classes?

The Home Away from Home and Destination SFU working groups invite you to share your ideas on how we can improve the SFU campus environment.

This Flash Student Consultation is designed to be flexible. Drop by during the event time and express your opinions and ideas - there is no time commitment! As a token of appreciation, all SFU students will be offered a $5 coffee shop gift card.

Be a part of the change and visit us on March 13th or March 19th. We look forward to hearing what YOU want your campus to be.


  • March 13th, 12pm-2pm, Harbour Centre Lobby, SFU Vancouver
  • March 19th, 12pm-2pm, Mezzanine, SFU Surrey
  • March 21st, 12pm-2pm, AQ, SFU Burnaby

Volunteer opportunity

The Student Experience Initiative is looking for volunteers who would be interested in aiding the Project Coordinator facilitate a Flash Consultation on March 13th from 11am - 2:30pm at Harbour Centre, Vancouver. Download the Volunteer Description for full details.

Main contact

Interested in learning more about this key area, or have a suggestion?


Alisa Zukanovic
Project Coordinator

Progress to date

The home away from home group has:

  • Started to form a working group
  • Planned community consultation sessions
  • Started to facilitate community consultation sessions
  • Completed an Online Student Survey


Upcoming milestones


Anticipated date

Online student survey Jan 29 2019
Flash consultation - SFU Vancouver
Mar 13 2019
Flash consultation - SFU Surrey Mar 19 2019
Flash consultation - SFU Burnaby Mar 21 2019