Navigating SFU

The navigating SFU key project areas will provide effective and easy-to-use online and print tools for seamless access and interaction with SFU systems; supporting student-centred policies and processes for all three campuses.

Opportunities to get involved

Join the Student advisory committee

We will be drawing on this group to help with our projects

Main contact

Interested in learning more about this key area, or have a suggestion?


Rummana Khan Hemani

Progress to date

The navigating SFU group has:

  • Identified key working group members
  • Set high level strategic direction for working group and identified potential priority areas
  • Started reviewing student focus group and survey data regarding areas related to theme


Upcoming milestones


Anticipated date

First meeting of core working group
September 2018
First meeting of student advisory group September – October 2018
Finalize key priorities and projects December 2018