Classroom space

We recognize that students may need on-campus locations to participate in online lectures and seminars. We will post available space here. As these classrooms will also be used by other students, we ask that you please be considerate of the space and of each other.

Locating classrooms: Visit our interactive campus maps page if you need help locating the classrooms.

 Burnaby Campus Online Learning Classrooms & Schedule

Days Start time End time  Classroom
Monday 8:30 12:20 AQ 5030
Monday 12:30 16:20 WMC 2268
Monday 16:30 22:20 AQ 5019
Tuesday 8:30 12:20 RCB 7105
Tuesday 12:30 16:20 RCB 7101
Tuesday 16:30 22:20 AQ 5029
Wednesday 8:30 12:20 WMC 2530
Wednesday 12:30 14:20 AQ 5015
Wednesday 14:30 16:20 AQ 5036
Wednesday 16:30 22:20 RCB 7102
Thursday 8:30 12:20 WMC 2530
Thursday 12:30 16:20 AQ 5047
Thursday 16:30 22:20 RCB 7102
Thursday 16:30 22:20 WMC 2530
Friday 8:30 12:20 RCB 7102
Friday 12:30 16:20 AQ 5029
Friday 16:30 22:20 RCB 5100

Room guidelines

Be courteous to each other

Keep noise as low as reasonably possible and clean up any mess you may have made. Students will be speaking, so please be aware of and monitor your own volume. These spaces are not intended for group work.

Use your headphones

To reduce noise, headphones should be used at all times.

Do not use a space with an electrical outlet unless you need to

If your device is sufficiently charged, please do not use a space with an electrical outlet. Leave these spaces for others who may need to charge their devices.

Refrain from eating or drinking in this space

You are welcome to drink water, but please do not bring other food or drinks into the space.

Do not leave your belongings unattended

This location is not locked and is not monitored to reduce theft.

Respect room capacity limits

If all seats in a room are occupied, please find another space on campus to take your remote course. Note that some rooms may have a lower capacity limit than usual.

Once finished, exit the space

When your remote class(es) is finished, please leave the space to provide access for other students.


Emergency on campus

Deparment: Campus Safety and Security
Phone: 778.782.4500

Wireless network issue

Department: Information Technology Service Desk
Phone: 778.782.8888