Advisor Brittany Day

Brittany Day

I majored in: Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (proud SFU alum!), Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology

In my free time, I enjoy: Reading, yoga, board games, anything Harry Potter related, listening to music/podcasts, traveling, spending time with friends and family 

I knew what to major in when: I found myself excitedly sharing what I was learning in class with my friends and family. I started looking for ways to get involved in my area of study outside of the classroom, and I had some great experiences volunteering and working in a few of the psychology labs at SFU. I also had the chance to do my honours thesis in Psychology, which helped me realize that I wanted to continue my studies by pursuing my MA in Counselling.

My biggest struggle in university: I spent my first two years at university struggling to connect with a major that I didn’t feel passionate about. It was a tough decision to switch paths halfway through my undergraduate degree and manage feelings of letting myself and others down but the experience taught me to be more resilient and to follow what brings me joy, challenges me to grow, and piques my curiosity. I felt much more invested in my studies once I started taking classes that I really enjoyed and luckily, many of my courses that I took toward my first major ended up counting toward my breadth requirements for my Psychology degree.

If I could change one thing about my undergrad career: I would have participated in co-op. I think it is an incredible program and the work experience that you gain is invaluable. I believe that co-op gives you the opportunity to explore pathways, build your confidence, refine your interests, and learn to navigate the working world – all things that are an asset when looking for a job post-graduation!

My best advice for current students is: My best advice for you is to build your community at SFU. Get involved. Meet new people.  Don’t be attached to having your university experience play out in a certain way. Be open to new experiences, don’t be scared to change your path, reach out when you find yourself struggling, celebrate your successes, and have fun!  


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