Advisor Chorok Gene

Chorok Gene

I majored in: Psychology

In my free time, I enjoy: watching TV shows, reading books, exploring different restaurants, and a tiny bit of exercising.

I knew what to major in when: I realized how much I believe in human connections; I believe we all have something we can learn from sharing our stories with others.

My biggest struggle in university: was in my first term. I took a year off from school to do a lot of self-reflection and to work on some personal struggles I had for a long time.

If I could change one thing about my undergrad career: I would explore more courses outside my major to broaden my horizon.

My best advice for current students is: please take some time to get to know yourself. Find your passion, do something to make it happen, and be patient with yourself when things don’t go your way. Please reach out to SFU resources when you feel stuck or lost – we are here to help you.


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