Advisor Christine Tang

Christine Tang

I majored in: Criminology, and currently pursuing a Masters of Education in Equity Studies.

In my free time, I enjoy: Gardening, walking, photography, cooking, and binge-watching Netflix shows.

I knew what to major in when: I was really interested in the study of crime and the law, so I took a few courses and really enjoyed them.

My biggest struggle in university: I came into university right after high school, so I struggled with learning how to study for exams and writing long papers. Through trial-and-error and seeking the advice from others, I figured out what my learning style is to succeed.

If I could change one thing about my undergrad career: I would utilize the different services that SFU offer, visit instructors and TAs during their office hours, and look at other minors and certificates I could pursue.

My best advice for current students is: Get involved in activities and programs on campus while you are a student! Don’t be in a rush to graduate and force yourself be overloaded in courses. Enjoy your time here.


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