Advisor Mark Shimizu

Mark Shimizu

I majored in: biological sciences; I’m currently pursuing a post-baccalaureate diploma in counselling and human development.

In my free time, I enjoy: road cycling, watching Jays games with my wife, cuddles with my dog

I knew what to major in when: I started to appreciate the complexity of living things and the systems they are composed of and exist in.  

My biggest struggle in university: letting the pressure to "have it all figured out" interfere with my exploration, enjoyment, and learning. 

What I enjoyed the most in university was: the liberating feeling of accomplishment and relief after finishing a set of final exams at the end of each term

If I could change one thing about my undergrad career: I would have taken more subjects outside of my major program to expand my interests and critical thinking skills.  

My best advice for current students is: Stay curious, challenge assumptions, and embrace the process of learning.  Expect to struggle but know that you're not alone - asking for help are signs of self-awareness, resourcefulness, and strength.  


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