Academic integrity: resources

The following examples are representative but not exhaustive of activities constituting academic dishonesty:

  • Plagiarism (presenting the work of another person as your own) 
  • Submitting the same work more than once without prior approval 
  • Cheating 
  • Impersonation (having someone else write your exam)
  • Submitting false records or information (forged medical notes) 
  • Stealing or destroying the work of another student
  • Removing, mutilating, misplacing or destroying books or other library material
  • Unauthorized or inappropriate use of computers, calculators and other forms of technology in course work, assignments or examinations.

Cases of interest

Case number Details Consequences

Student obtained a marked midterm, altered it and then attempted to turn it in as his own work.

FD grade and three -term suspension.

2 Student submitted assignments that were purchased or acquired from another source and contracted to purchase assignments.
Received FD grade in the courses and a five-term suspension.
3 Student was observed taking photos of the exam paper and receiving photos of answers on her cell phone during the final exam.
FD grade and three-term suspension.

What does suspension mean?

During the period of suspension no course taken at another institution will be eligible for transfer credit towards your degree requirements at this University. A notice of the suspension will be placed on your academic record with the University and will remain there until the suspension has ended. 

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