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Academic Dishonesty Policy and Practices Review

A message from Dr. Peter Keller, Vice-President, Academic and Provost
February 9, 2018

As a scholarly community, academic honesty and integrity are values we are committed to upholding to the highest standard. Periodically, it is important for us to review existing policies and practices to ensure that we have the right tools and mechanisms in place to protect these values, particularly as technology and pedagogical approaches evolve.

A review is currently underway of policies and practices related to academic dishonesty, and is being conducted by Mary Anne Waldron, who has a great depth of experience in this area. Mary Anne is now Professor Emeritus in the Faculty of Law at the University of Victoria and previously held positions there as the Associate Vice-President Faculty Relations and Academic Administration, and Associate Vice-President Legal Affairs. The process includes a review of existing educational materials, engagement with faculty, staff and students, as well as considering the academic literature in this area.

In light of technological advances, the review is focused on policies and practices related to externally facilitated academic dishonesty or ‘contract cheating’. Contract cheating is a type of academic dishonesty where students hire individuals or companies to complete their academic work. While the review is specific to contract cheating, the results may also inform the process to update the Code of Student Academic Integrity which is underway.

The result of the process will be a report that identifies both policy opportunities and practical tools to support faculty, sessional instructors and teaching assistants, as well as students in combatting academic dishonesty like contract cheating. The review will conclude early this spring and we will be sharing the review findings soon after.

SFU has a long tradition of academic integrity and I look forward to our continuing collective efforts to protect the foundational values upon which our institution rests.

If you have any questions regarding the review process please feel free to connect with me or Rummana Khan Hemani, SFU Registrar, at

Dr. Peter Keller
Vice-President, Academic and Provost