The Centre for Accessible Learning (CAL) is pleased to announce a pilot project to provide fast track access to counselling services as part of a partnership with SFU Health and Counselling Services (HCS).

This project will facilitate opportunities for current registrants at CAL to access individual and group counselling services with a PhD Counselling Psychology intern (Sean Heaslip) at HCS who has personal experience navigating both academic and broader social contexts with a disability. 

There are no limitations on who may access individual counselling services, though there may be a wait-list depending on the number of registrants ahead of you.

The ‘Experiencing Disability’ group counselling is designed to provide a space for students with disabilities to seek support in a safe environment and address a variety of issues including but not limited to:

•             The transition to post-secondary education

•             Disability accommodation

•             Self-Advocacy

•             Effectively accessing on campus services including CAL

•             Disability and identity

These and a variety of other topics, including those brought to the group by participants, will be discussed in a way that allows group members to learn from one another in a safe space that welcomes diverse life experiences. As with the individual therapy, this group activity will be confidential and separate from the services accessed at CAL.

Registrants interested in either individual or group counselling may present at the CAL front desk and request a specific referral form which is to be presented at the front desk at HCS.  You will be asked to book an initial consultation with Sean Heaslip at HCS to discuss your interest in participating in the pilot program to ensure these services will be a good fit for you and your needs.

If you have additional questions about the pilot program please feel free to contact Sean Heaslip at