Students Receiving Notes

You are not required to maintain any level of interaction with your assigned note-taker and, as a student with a disability, you are assured confidentiality. Only if you indicate a desire to break confidentiality will you be provided with the name of the note-taker. 

If you wish to waive confidentiality, we have a few tips for making sure that you have a positive and successful note-taking experience with your student volunteer:

  • Once your note-taker is identified, contact them to chat about their note-taking style and any preferences you may have. Every student has a note-taking format they prefer, or which they believe to be the most beneficial to their learning style. You should discuss note-taking strategies and tips, and anything else that will be helpful for working together.
  • Throughout the semester, provide feedback to your note-taker on the quality and usefulness of their notes, and offer any suggestions or hints you have in mind.