International college/university

International admission: college or university transfer


You must have attempted a minimum of 24 units of transferable post-secondary course work, and may transfer up to a maximum of 60 units toward your degree program. If you have completed 9 - 23 units and are in good academic standing (you have a minimum GPA of a 2.0) you will be required to meet the high school admission requirements.

If you are not in good standing or have a GPA of less than 2.00 ( 60%) , you will not be admitted.

Admission is competitive. In the past, the average for admission has ranged from a 2.50 GPA to a 3.50 GPA depending on the program - for details see admission averages. Note, an admission average is calculated on all transferable courses attempted.

In addition to the general and program-specific admission requirements (listed below), you must meet our English Language and Literacy and Quantitative and Analytical Skills requirements. If you do not meet these requirements on your college or university work, we may request your high school transcript.

We will assess possible transfer credit only after we have received your admission application. We may request that you provide detailed course outlines, which should include:

  • a statement of course objective(s)
  • the duration/number of weeks (excluding final exam period)
  • hours per week of lecture (laboratory / tutorial / seminar / studio work) and the hours per week of required open laboratory work or open studio work
  • the method of evaluation and grading
  • the textbook(s) used
  • the amount of credit/units earned

Detailed course outlines can be emailed to the Admissions office: 

Polytechnic institutes and institutes of technology

If you have successfully completed a two or three year academic diploma program at a recognized Institute of Technology you may be considered for admission with a competitive overall program average. Admission is determined on an individual basis and transfer credit granted is limited.

Visiting students

If you are currently a student at another university you may apply for admission to complete specified courses for subsequent transfer back to your “home” university. You should apply in the normal manner and you will be evaluated as a University Transfer applicant (see College/university transfer tab).

In addition to general and program-specific admission requirements, you must meet our English Language Requirement and Quantitative and Analytical Skills Requirement and submit a Letter of Permission issued by your home university.  Original, official documentation must be submitted for evaluation purposes. No transfer credit or enrollment priority is awarded.

Submit a Letter of Permission

An official Letter of Permission must be submitted with your visiting student application and requires the following information:

  • Issued directly by your "home" institution on official letter head
  • Include the semester in which you would like to take courses at Simon Fraser University (Note: if you plan on attending for more than one semester, the letter must include this information)
  • List each course you have been given permission to take at Simon Fraser University, including the department name and corresponding course number

Degree holders

If you have completed an undergraduate degree at a recognized university, you may wish to pursue a second or subsequent degree, or a post baccalaureate diploma or certificate. Your admission average is calculated on course work completed in your last two years as a student, and you are required to meet the Competitive Admission Average for the Faculty/Program applied to.

All applicants must meet the English Language Requirement and the Quantitative and Analytical Skills requirement.


Faculty of Applied Science

Computing Science, Geographic Information Science, Software Systems

  • English Language admission requirement
  • Quantitative and Analytical skills requirement
  • Minimum 24 units of transferable course work, including: one mathematics course chosen from MACM 101, 201, MATH 150 (or 151), 152 and 240 (or 232); one computing course chosen from CMPT 125 (or 126, 128 or 135), 127, 225, 295 (or 150 or 250) and 276 (or 275); one additional mathematics or computing science course chosen from the above lists.

Engineering Science

Mechatronic Systems Engineering

Sustainable Energy Engineering

A minimum of 24 units of transferable coursework, including courses that are accepted by SFU as equivalents to the following:

  • One MATH course from: MATH 152, 232, or 240
  • One CMPT course from: CMPT 130, 128, 135 or (both CMPT 125 and 127)
  • One CHEM course from: CHEM 121, 120
  • One PHYS course from: PHYS 140, 141, 120, or 121

Applicants must complete a supplemental application. Further instructions will be provided to applicants directly after their application is received.

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Anthropology; Asia-Canada; Cognitive Science; Criminology; Economics; English; Explorations; First Nations; French; French Cohort; Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies; Gerontology; Hellenic Studies; History; Humanities; International Studies; Labour Studies; Languages; Latin American Studies; Linguistics; Philosophy; Political Science; Psychology; Sociology; World Literature

Beedie School of Business

Accounting, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Finance, Human Resource Management, International Business, Management Information Systems, Marketing, Operations Management

  • English Language admission requirement
  • Quantitative and Analytical skills requirement
  • Effective Fall 2017: College/University equivalents of the following 8 SFU courses* (minimum grade of C- required): BUS 232 (or STAT 270), BUS 237, 251, 272, ECON 103, 105, MATH 157 (or 151 or 154); one course chosen from the following list*: ENGL 102, 111 (or 101), 112, 113 (or 103), 114 (or 104), 115 (or 105), 199, 1XX, 2XX, PHIL 100, 105 (or 001), 120, WL 101, 103, 104.
  • Admission decisions for transfer applicants will be based on either a student’s performance on the required courses, or a combination of a student’s academic performance and an assessment of their supplemental application. For details, please see the Beedie School of Business website.

Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology


Contemporary Arts

Interactive Arts and Technology

Faculty of Education

Bachelor of General Studies

Bachelor of Education

Faculty of Environment

Bachelor of Arts - Archaeology, Geography, Geography – Environmental Specialty

Bachelor of Science - Environmental Science, Geographic Information Science, Physical Geography

Bachelor of Environment - Resource and Environmental Management, Global Environmental Systems

Faculty of Health Sciences

Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Science

Faculty of Science

Behavioral Neuroscience, Biological Sciences, Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology, Chemistry, Data Science, Earth Sciences, General Science, Mathematics, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, Physics, Statistics and Actuarial Science

Non-refundable admission deposit upon acceptance:

$250 Canadian students
$750 for International students