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Italian Courses

ITAL 100 - Introductory Italian I (3)

This course is designed to provide the student with the means of acquiring basic spoken fluency and reading facility.

ITAL 101 - Introductory Italian II (3)

This course continues the work of ITAL 100. Considerable emphasis will be placed on oral and reading facility as well as basic writing skills. Prerequisite: ITAL 100.

ITAL 200 - Intermediate Italian I (3)

An intermediate Italian course continuing the work of ITAL 101. In addition to consolidation of oral practice, grammar, reading and composition skills, a cultural component is included as well as selected readings from Italian authors. Prerequisite: ITAL 101.

ITAL 201 - Intermediate Italian II (3)

ITAL 201 continues the work of ITAL 200. Oral and written competence in Italian are extended through grammar review, oral practice, cultural studies, selected readings from Italian authors and multimedia activities. Prerequisite: ITAL 200.

ITAL 300 - Advanced Italian: Language and Culture (3)

Will continue the work of the 200-level courses with emphasis on the cultural aspects of Italian life. How does one live in Italy today? What are the cultural differences between the various regions? Fluency in language use, both oral and written, will be enhanced. Prerequisite: ITAL 201 or permission of Instructor.

ITAL 390 - STT - Dante's Inferno (3)

Provides students with an introduction to Dante's poetics and philosophy, and acquaints them with the Inferno. Prerequisite: 30 units or permission of instructor.

ITAL 391 - STT - The Medicean Circle (3)

Acquaints students with the Medicean court of Lorenzo the Magnificient, and its contributions to Humanist thought, art, and literature. Prerequisite: 30 units or permission of instructor.

ITAL 400 - Topics in Italian Literature: Contemporary Prose, Poetry and Theatre (4)

The complexity of modern Italy and its language are explored through the lens of contemporary literature. Prerequisite: ITAL 300 or permission from the instructor.