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Anthropology Graduate Co-operative Education Program

In this program students gain work experience that complements their academic studies.

Students may complete the traditional two separate work term co-op program, or the three consecutive work term co-op internship.

Arrangements for work terms are made through the faculty’s co-op co-ordinator at least one term prior.

Admission Requirements

Supervisory committee recommendation and departmental graduate program committee approval to enter the co-op program is required.

Master of arts (MA) students in good standing, with a minimum 3.0 grade point average (GPA), may apply after satisfactory completion of the following courses, or equivalents, including

SA 857 - Research Design Seminar (5)

Guides students through the process of designing a prospectus for MA or PhD thesis research. Required course for MA and PhD students in Sociology and Anthropology. Students from other departments and faculties may enrol with permission of instructor. Offered each summer term. Prerequisite: SA 856 or permission of instructor.

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SA 850 - Selected Topics in Social Theory (5)

Examines different historical and contemporary perspectives from the body of social theory. Students from other departments and faculties may enroll with permission of instructor.

SA 870 - Theories in Anthropology (5)

Examines the dynamic relationship among conceptual aims, social relations in research, and the socio-political contexts of anthropological work through close study of selected classical and contemporary works in anthropology. Students from other departments and faculties may enrol with permission of instructor.

Section Instructor Day/Time Location
G100 Michael Hathaway
Mo 5:30 PM – 9:20 PM
AQ 5067, Burnaby

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