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World Literature Extended Minor

An extended minor consists of the lower division world literature requirements for a major and the upper division requirements for a minor.

Program Requirements

Lower Division Requirements

Students complete a total of 18 lower division units including

WL 100 - What is World Literature? (3)

Explores how texts travel beyond their cultures of origin, influence other cultural contexts and ideas, and become works of world literature. Introduces the concepts of cross-cultural literary criticism and translation. Breadth-Humanities.

Section Instructor Day/Time Location
D100 Mark Deggan
Th 10:30 AM – 12:20 PM
WMC 3220, Burnaby
D101 Mark Deggan
Th 12:30 PM – 1:20 PM
WMC 3515, Burnaby
D102 Mark Deggan
Th 1:30 PM – 2:20 PM
WMC 3515, Burnaby

one 100-level WL Writing course


WL 200 - How to Do Things with World Literature (3)

Introduces major theoretical approaches to literature and fundamental techniques of literary analysis. Develops students' critical skills for analytical writing about literature in comparative, cross-cultural contexts. Prerequisite: six units in World Literature, including one W course.

Section Instructor Day/Time Location
D100 Melek Ortabasi
Mo 2:30 PM – 5:20 PM
RCB 5125, Burnaby

plus 9 additional lower division WL units

*Students may count one 2nd year language course (3 units) toward their lower division WL units.

Upper Division Requirements

Students complete 15 upper division units in WL courses, of which at least 4 must be taken at the 400 level.

Faculty Requirements

In addition to the above requirements, students must also satisfy their Faculty requirements for the completion of their undergraduate degree.

Residency Requirements and Transfer Credit

  • At least half of the program's total units must be earned through Simon Fraser University study.
  • At least two thirds of the program's total upper division units must be earned through Simon Fraser University study.