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Master of Arts

The French Graduate program, with its breadth of topics in literature and linguistics, offers an interdisciplinary curriculum. The linguistics component consists of the study of a variety of linguistic theories and their specific application to the analysis of French. The literature option includes a comprehensive genre- and period-oriented set of courses. Since a major goal of all students enrolled in a French program is mastery of the language, all courses are given in French.

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Admission Requirements

Candidates must satisfy the general admission requirements as shown in the Graduate General Regulations.

Program admission requires a sound background in French literature or French linguistics, as well as a good command of both oral and written French. Candidates lacking these must remedy the deficiency before admission is granted through satisfactory completion of one or two terms as a qualifying student.

Upon admission, each student will be assigned a temporary supervisor.

The program's degree requirements may be completed 'with thesis' or 'with extended essays.' In each case, the student works under a supervisory committee's direction that has been appointed by the end of the first term.

At the time of enrolment in their second term, students must declare their MA option and confirm their senior supervisor. Required course work, thesis proposal and other requirements are approved by the graduate chair.

Program Requirements

Students may be required to complete additional courses to remedy deficiencies or to ensure suitable thesis preparation or project research. The following are the minimum requirements.


Students in the MA with thesis option successfully complete a minimum of 30 units consisting of 4 graduate courses totaling 12 units from their chosen concentration, either in linguistics or literature including FREN 803, plus a thesis proposal (FREN 896) and a thesis (FREN 898). Within the 12 units and with their senior supervisor's approval, students may complete up to 9 units of FREN 800 level courses offered concurrently with a 400 level course. Students may complete up to 1 graduate course (3 units) outside the Department of French. Students are required to submit a thesis proposal (3 units) with a grading of satisfactory or unsatisfactory, no later than one term following the completion of course work. The examination of the thesis proposal consists of an oral presentation before the student's supervisory committee. In addition, students must complete a thesis of a minimum of 70 pages to a maximum of 90 pages in linguistics or literature in accordance with the Graduate General Regulations (1.9 -1.11) (15 units). The thesis is defended at an oral examination as described in 1.9 and 1.10 of the Graduate General Regulations.

MA Extended Essays

Students selecting this option are required to complete a minimum of 30 units consisting of 24 units of graduate coursework and two extended essays (6 units), as detailed in what follows.

The 24 units of coursework must include at least 9 French graduate units in linguistics and literature. With their senior supervisor's approval, students may take a combination of:

  • up to 12 units of 800 level courses that are offered concurrently with 400 level courses in the Department of French, such as FREN 804, 806, 811, 816, 820, 823, 824, 825, 826, 852

  • up to 15 units of graduate coursework outside the Department of French, including up to 12 units outside this university

In addition to the 24 units of graduate coursework, students are required to complete two extended essays (FREN 998) totaling 6 units evaluated by course instructors. Each extended essay must be a minimum of 25 pages in length. The essays must be submitted no later than one term following the end of students' coursework. A minimum B grade is required for FREN 998.

Language Requirement

Students must demonstrate a level of competence in written and oral French acceptable to the Graduate Committee. Students are also expected to demonstrate a working knowledge of English to function within the University community.

Academic Requirements within the Graduate General Regulations

All graduate students must satisfy the academic requirements that are specified in the Graduate General Regulations, as well as the specific requirements for the program in which they are enrolled.