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Professional Linking Program (PLP)

This is a four term, part-time program for employed para-professionals, para-educators, adult educators and teachers (Francophone, trades, independent) who are operating on letters of permission issued from the Teacher Regulation Branch (TRB) and who are seeking certification as teachers in British Columbia.

Admission Requirements

PLP applicants must be admissible to Simon Fraser University. Those who have never attended here, or who have not attended in any of the previous three terms prior to their intended enrollment, must apply for university admission. See Undergraduate Admission.

Applicants complete the Professional Linking Program (PLP) application form located at Mail supporting documents to: Faculty of Education, Surrey campus, Special Programs Advisor, 250-13450 102nd Avenue, Surrey BC, V3T 0A3.

All PLP applications must be submitted to the PLP admissions office by January 31 for the fall term.

In addition to the standard requirements for admission to the University, PLP requires candidates to have a minimum of two years of work experience in their fields at the time of application.

Elementary Applicants

Elementary applicants must, by the date of application, have completed a minimum of 76 units of courses acceptable for credit at Simon Fraser University (should include 16 units of upper division) including the following prerequisite courses:

  • six units in English (a maximum of three units of English composition may be included)
  • one course (three units) in each of Canadian history, Canadian geography, and laboratory science
  • MATH 190
  • elementary applicants should have education, fine and performing arts and kinesiology courses

Secondary Applicants

Applicants who plan to teach at the secondary level must fulfil the requirements of a teachable major subject or two teachable minor subjects prior to commencing PLP.

Teachable Majors or Minors

  • Anthropology*
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Archaeology*
  • Asia/Pacific Studies*
  • Biological Sciences
  • Canadian Studies*
  • Chemistry
  • Classics/Greek & Roman Studies*
  • Computing Science (Minor only)
  • Criminology*
  • Dance (FPA) (Minor only)
  • Earth Science
  • Economics*
  • English
  • First Nations Studies*
  • French
  • Gender Studies*
  • Geography*
  • Germanic Studies*
  • History*
  • Humanities (Minor only)*
  • International Relations/Studies*
  • Law*
  • Mathematics
  • Music (FPA)
  • Physical Education/Kinesiology (Minor only)
  • Physics
  • Political Science*
  • Slavic Studies*
  • Social Studies*
  • Sociology*
  • Spanish & Latin American Studies*
  • Theatre (FPA) (Minor only)
  • Visual Arts (FPA)
  • World Literature

*see Admission Requirements in the Faculty of Education

Students planning to teach at the secondary level must complete requirements prior to commencing PLP, except BEd candidates who cannot complete their degree until they have successfully completed PLP. These BEd candidates complete one teachable major or two teachable minors prior to commencing PLP. Students from other institutions may apply prior to degree completion, but must have completed the degree one full term prior to commencing PLP.

Secondary applicants must complete six English units (a maximum of three units of English composition may be included) prior to starting PLP.

It is recommended that applicants have credit for at least one EDUC course before applying for admission.

All Applicants

All PLP applicants are required to have:

  • a minimum of two years of work experience in their current role as a paraprofessional, paraeducator, adult educator or letter of permission teacher
  • 3 online reference forms
  • completed the written assignment (described further on the PLP website at
  • a resumé detailing the roles, responsibilities, duration and location of related work experience

Before program admission, applicants must demonstrate competence in written and oral English (and written and oral French for French immersion and French as a second language programs).

Students may be asked to submit evidence of good health before being considered for admission.

Students may be interviewed before being considered for program admission.

Admission selection is based favorably on students whose applications show employment experience of working collaboratively with school professionals and community stakeholders in their roles and responsibilities to the children in their care. Commitment to community service is also given consideration both in teaching and other helping roles.

Program Requirements

The program’s duration is four part-time terms.

Students complete all of

EDUC 402W - Studies of Educational Theory and Practice (7)

A half term of study which provides students with workshops, seminars, and lectures designed to introduce them to basic curriculum and methods appropriate for the age/grade level in which they expect to teach. Students will also be given an introduction to generic teaching skills, as well as to current issues in educational theory and practice. Grading is on a pass/withdraw basis. Prerequisite: Admission to PDP or PLP program. Students must successfully complete a Criminal Record Check. Writing.

Section Instructor Day/Time Location
D001 TBD
D002 TBD
EDUC 403 - Studies in Teaching and Learning (11)

Aims to develop students' dispositional capacities and engage them in comparative studies of teaching/learning between their current roles and their future roles as teachers. Students participate in observation and practice teaching. Grading is on a pass/withdrawal basis. Prerequisite: EDUC 402. Students must successfully complete a Criminal Record Check. Students with credit for EDUC 401/401W may not take this course for further credit.

EDUC 404 - Coursework Semester (0)

Students undertake 15 upper division units in Education to complete the professional development program requirements. Prerequisite: EDUC 401/402 or corequisite EDUC 403.

Section Instructor Day/Time Location
D001 TBD
D002 TBD
D003 TBD
EDUC 405 - Teaching Semester (15)

A full term of classroom experience supervised by University appointed school associates. The school placement is appropriate to the grade level and subject specialties which the student expects to teach after graduation. Grading is on a pass/withdraw basis. (Not offered in summer term.). Prerequisite: EDUC 401/402 or EDUC 402/403. Students must successfully complete a Criminal Record Check.

Section Instructor Day/Time Location
D001 TBD
D002 TBD
D003 TBD
D004 TBD
D005 TBD
D006 TBD
D007 TBD
D008 TBD
D009 TBD
D010 TBD
D011 TBD
D012 TBD
D013 TBD
D014 TBD
D015 TBD
D016 TBD
D017 TBD
D018 TBD

During EDUC 402 (part-time studies), students participate in the study of teaching, while learning to make meaning of the complex world of education practice, informed by extensive study of pedagogical literature. PLP students attend part time during evening and Saturday classes while maintaining full-time work.

During EDUC 403 (part-time studies), students will need to take a 3 week leave in order to complete a short practicum in a school with a supervising teacher. Students also atttend seminar classes each week on Saturdays. The course integrates in school experiences with theoretical concepts discussed in seminars which are held during evenings and weekends. Students observe, practice teach and reflect on experiences in their practice teaching placement, and use these to further their understanding and practices as future teachers.

During EDUC 405 (full time studies; not offered in the summer term), students gain classroom experience while being supervised by University appointed faculty associates. The school placement is appropriate to the educational level and subject specialties in which the student expects to gain certification. Students assume a large measure of responsibility and participate in a wide range of teaching and supervisory activities. School placements are generally made in school districts in the Lower Mainland.

Residency Requirements and Transfer Credit

  • At least half of the program's total units must be earned through Simon Fraser University study.
  • At least two thirds of the program's total upper division units must be earned through Simon Fraser University study.