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Electric Circuits I MSE 250 (4)

This course will cover the following topics: fundamental electrical circuit quantities, and circuit elements; circuits laws such as Ohm law, Kirchoff's voltage and current laws, along with series and parallel circuits; operational amplifiers; network theorems; nodal and mesh methods; analysis of natural and step response of first (RC and RL), as well as second order (RLC) circuits; real, reactive and rms power concepts. In addition, the course will discuss the worker safety implications of both electricity and common laboratory practices such as soldering. Prerequisite: PHYS 121 and 131, or PHYS 126 and 131, or PHYS 141, and MATH 232 and 310. MATH 310 may be taken concurrently. Students with credit for ENSC 125 or 220 may not take MSE 250 for further credit. Quantitative.