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Undergraduate Tuition Fees

Simon Fraser University assesses undergraduate tuition fees in accordance with a schedule of fees based primarily on the number of units in which the student enrols. Various special fees may be assessed by the University in certain circumstances or for specific purposes. All fees are subject to change, subject to provincial legislation and the Board of Governors' approval.

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The following are fees mandated by the Senate.


Domestic Students

Normal and Course Challenge

(basic - per unit)

Co-operative Education Practicum $795.51
(per term)
200/300/400 division courses in the Beedie School of Business $251.02 ($188.26 + $62.76)
(premium - per unit)
200/300/400 division course in the School of Engineering Science and Mechatronic Systems Engineering $207.09 ($188.26 + $18.83)
(premium - per unit)
200/300/400 division courses in the School of Computing Science
$197.68 ($188.26 + $9.42)
(premium - per unit)
Audit fees per unit are one-half the applicable fee.

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International Students

Normal and Course Challenge

for students who entered in 2016/2017 or earlier

(per unit)

for students who enter in 2017/2018 or later

(per unit)

Co-operative Education Practicum

(per term)

200/300/400 division courses in the Beedie School of Business

for students who entered in 2016/2017 or earlier

$876.52 ($794.82 + $81.70)
(premium - per unit)

for students who enter in 2017/2018 or later

$927.08 ($840.68 + $86.40)
(premium - per unit)

200/300/400 division course in the School of Engineering Science and Mechatronic Systems Engineering

for students who entered in 2016/2017 or earlier

$819.25 ($794.82 + $24.43)
(premium - per unit)

for students who enter in 2017/2018 or later

$866.52 ($840.68 + $25.84)
(premium - per unit)

200/300/400 division courses in the School of Computing Science

for students who entered in 2016/2017 or earlier

$806.97 ($794.82 + $12.15)
(premium - per unit)

for students who enter in 2017/2018 or later

$853.52 ($840.68 + $12.84)
(premium - per unit)

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Supplementary Fees

Simon Fraser University assesses the Student Services/Recreation-Athletics fee, the student activity fee and the U-Pass BC fee to all eligible students in each term of enrollment.

Student Services and Recreation-Athletics Fees

  Student Services Fee Recreation-
Athletics Fee
Three or fewer units $46.17
(per term)
(per term)
Four or more units $46.17
(per term)
(per term)
Any combination of Co-operative Education work term and one (1) 3 unit course $46.17
(per term)
(per term)
Co-operative Education no charge no charge no charge

The Student Services fee (SSF) and Recreation-Athletics fee (RAF) are assessed to all students enrolled for credit courses that are offered at the Burnaby, Vancouver and Surrey campuses. Those enrolled in audit courses, on leave, designated ‘off-campus’ courses or distance education courses only, do not pay these fees.

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Student Activity Fee

A student activity fee, determined by the Simon Fraser Student Society, is collected from all students enrolled in credit courses and co-op courses with the exception of students completing courses for audit purposes only.

Student Activity Fee – payable by all students*


*designated ‘off-campus’ courses only


*three or fewer units


Co-operative Education only


*persons aged 60 or more and who are Canadian citizens or have permanent resident status in Canada are exempt from this fee


For a breakdown of this fee, see the chart below from Simon Fraser Student Society (SFSS).

Student Activity Fee Breakdown Full-Time ($127.14) Part-Time ($63.60)
SFSS membership fee



SFSS Building Fund/Capital Levy



Build SFU Levy
(Jan-Dec 2019)***
$60.00 $30.00
The Peak: Student Newspaper (Peak)



Simon Fraser Campus Radio Society (CJSF)



Simon Fraser Public Interest Research Group (SFPIRG)



World University Services of Canada Student Refugee Program (WUSC)






Accessibility Fund



First Nations Student Association $0.75 $0.38
SFSS Food Bank Program $0.25 $0.13

***Build SFU Levy, as of January 1, 2019: $60.00 for full time and $30.00 for part-time. The levy will increase by $10 for full time and $5 for part time on January 1 of each following year until 2022, at which point it will be capped and adjusted annually for inflation according to the Canadian Consumer Price Index (CPI).


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Universal Transit Pass

The U-Pass BC program is a comprehensive transportation package providing students in metropolitan Vancouver with universal and affordable access to public transit in partnership with Simon Fraser University, the Simon Fraser Student Society (SFSS), the Graduate Student Society (GSS), TransLink and the Province of British Columbia. The program was approved through referenda by both student societies.

U-Pass BC is a mandatory program for all members of Simon Fraser University's student societies. The U-Pass BC term fee is $164.  All eligible students will be charged for the U-Pass BC term fee to their student financial accounts. For further information, see

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Special Fees

Application Fee

Each time an applicant applies for admission or readmission, a $79.50 application fee is required. This fee, non-refundable and not applicable to tuition fees, must  be paid before the application is submitted.


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Co-op Application Fee

For more information concerning co-op application fees, visit

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 Admission Deposit for New Students

New students must pay a non-refundable admission deposit to confirm acceptance of the offer of admission to undergraduate studies given by the University.

The deposit will be applied to the cost of tuition. The deposit is not an additional charge to the tuition fee assessment.

New students may pay the admission deposit by credit card through the Student Information System ( under “Finances.” This is the only regular fee payable by credit card.


(Domestic Students)

(International Students)


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Residence application


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Replacement of Documentation

Replacement of an original degree, diploma or certificate parchment


(Tax Included)

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Replacement of Library/Identification Card

Library/Access/Identification card replacement


(Tax Included)

Library/Access/Identification card replacement (Surrey)


(Tax Included)

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Early application fee for degree


Early application fee for certificate or diploma


Final application fee for degree


Final application fee for certificate or diploma


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Official Transcript

Current students and alumni may request transcripts of their official academic records online, via fax, by mail or in person. We unfortunately cannot take requests for transcripts over the phone.

Former students who attended SFU but did not graduate can order official transcripts via fax, by mail or in person. We unfortunately cannot take requests for transcripts online or over the phone.

Transcripts ordered via the Student Information System ( are normally mailed or available for pick up within 2 business days.

Transcripts ordered in person or by fax are normally mailed or available within 3 business days.

Rush transcripts are available in 1 business day.

First copy of transcript $10.00*
Additional transcript copies, sent to the same address $10.00*
Electronic Transcripts to Douglas College, Langara College, Kwantlen Polytechnic University, and/or University of Fraser Valley $10.00*

*Plus any applicable taxes

For further information on ordering transcripts, including rush delivery and postage fees, see

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International Programs

For students who have been selected and have accepted the offer to participate in an international program, the following fees are applicable.

Formal exchange programs participation


International field school administration


School of Computing Science dual degree***


***All students pay undergraduate fees (including tuition and other fees) to Simon Fraser University. All students also pay a $700 program fee each year in addition to the other tuition fees. Students are also responsible for travel, accommodation, insurance, textbooks and general living expenses (noting that in China, books, housing, meals, transportation and living expenses will be lower than in Canada). Domestic students pay the basic Simon Fraser University tuition. International students attending the Simon Fraser University-Zhejiang University dual degree program pay the basic Simon Fraser University tuition in years one and two when studying at Zhejiang University. In years zero, three and four, when studying at Simon Fraser University, international students will pay differential tuition fees.

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Back on Track (BOT) Student Success Program

Depending on academic standing at the time of entry or continuance in the program, the fees will be as follows.

BOT 110


BOT 120


BOT 140


BOT 145


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Basic Medical Insurance

For information concerning basic medical insurance, visit Medical Requirements.

International Student Medical Insurance: $281.00 per term

For information concerning mandatory primary medical insurance plan for new international, exchange & study abroad students, visit

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Extended Health and Dental Benefits

For information concerning extended health, dental benefits and how to opt out from plan, visit

Students will only be assessed for Health & Dental benefits once per calendar year, according to the first term attended.

Extended Health and Dental Benefits (Undergraduate)

For students beginning in:

Fall 2018

Spring 2019

Summer 2019

Extended Health Plan (Undergraduates)

(part-time and full-time students)



*See notes below

Extended Dental Plan (Undergraduates)

(part-time and full-time students)



*See notes below

*For new students beginning in Summer term, you may enroll yourself during the term's Change-of-Coverage Period. Please visit for more details.


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Mandatory Supplementary Course Fees

Courses requiring additional fees can be viewed on the Mandatory Supplementary Course Fees list.

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Payment of Fees

The deadline ( for payment of fees is published in the Undergraduate Schedule of Classes and Examinations distributed each term. Credit for scholarships and bursaries will be given only on the authority of the Financial Aid and Awards office. 

Students eligible for any awards or sponsorships will receive a refund from Student Services when the appropriate units are received and processed.

Students who are eligible for tuition fee waivers or holders of Faculty of Education tuition fee certificates must submit to Student Services the properly completed forms and payment for the total amount of the student activity fee, athletic fee, UPass (if applicable), and student services fee each term no later than the tuition and fee payment deadline.

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Outstanding Accounts

Students are required to pay any outstanding balance in their account to be eligible to enrol in classes. In order to ensure sufficient time for payments to clear, students should pay the balance of the account five working days prior to attempting to enrol in classes.

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Cancellation of Enrollment

To cancel an entire enrollment, use the student information system to drop each course(s).

To avoid financial penalties, courses must be dropped by the deadline:

Non-payment of outstanding fees or non-attendance does not constitute cancellation of enrollment and grades based on incomplete or no work completed will be assigned.

Co-op courses can only be dropped by your co-op coordinator.

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Space in Simon Fraser University courses is limited. Tuition refunds and penalties are designed to discourage a student from holding space in courses(s) which the student eventually decides not to take. When students who are enrolled in credit courses reduce the number of courses in which they are enrolled, a refund may be granted provided the course change is made during the prescribed refund period. Special fees are not refundable, with the exception of the graduation fee and award of certificate or diploma fee.

Tuition Refund Policy

An outline of course drop deadlines is available at

The Regular Term Tuition Refund table applies to classes that follow the regular, full-term schedule. Intersession and Summer session classes will have different deadline dates for refunds.

Regular Term Tuition Refund Table

Deadline Amount Refunded 
7th calendar day of the term  100% 
14th calendar day of the term  75% 
21st calendar day of the term  50% 
After 21st calendar day of the term  No refund 

Intersession and Summer Session Refund Table

Deadline Amount Refunded
4th calendar day of the session 100%
8th calendar day of the session 75%
12th calendar day of the session 50%
After 12th calendar day of the session No refund

Refunds Due to Overpayments

To obtain a refund due to an overpayment, students must submit a refund request. Visit to obtain the refund request form.

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Overdue Accounts and Dishonoured Payments

Students with overdue accounts will be considered to be in bad financial standing and will be precluded from enrolling in subsequent terms. In addition, the University will withhold certain services, including but not limited to the release of various letters and documents such as official transcripts of academic record and parchments for degrees, diplomas and certificates. An account that is delinquent without approved resolution will be forwarded to a collection agency for appropriate action.

A student who presents payment in the form of a cheque that is subsequently returned by the student’s Letters of Permission financial institution for lack of sufficient funds or because a stop payment has been placed on that cheque will be assessed a penalty fee of $30. In the event that a student on more than one occasion submits a cheque that is dishonoured for any reason, the University reserves the right to require all future financial transactions with the University to be certified cheque or money order. The University may cancel a student’s enrollment in a term when payments made by the student are subsequently dishonoured by the student’s financial institution. Late payment fees will apply.

Students with overdue accounts will be assessed a late fee penalty on outstanding fees. 2% will be assessed each month on the outstanding balance, regardless of any pending scholarships, bursaries, awards, tuition waivers and tuition fee credits certificates. Total penalties will be adjusted to conform to Canadian laws and regulations when the final payment is made.

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Graduation Fee and Award of Certificate or Diploma Fee

If the candidate’s application for a degree, certificate and/or diploma is not approved, a full refund is issued. Applications may not be transferred from one term to another and the required fee must accompany each application.

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Tuition Fee Appeals

To appeal for a refund of tuition, penalties, or fees visit

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Tuition Tax Forms T2202A and T4A

All Simon Fraser University students who have an active University computing ID can print their T2202A tax form (starting from the 2003 tax year) and T4A tax form using your GoSFU account. Financial records are retained for a period of seven years and then are destroyed.

Detailed information is available at and

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