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Arabic Courses

ARAB 100 - Introduction to Arabic I (3)

Includes the study of the modern standard Arabic language, its grammar and vocabulary, and provide students with basic written and oral skills. Provide students with a history of Arabic literature, texts and expose them to the (modern) language, and to some major aspects of the Middle Eastern and North African cultures. Students with credit for LANG 134 or ARAB 134 may not take this course for further credit.

ARAB 101 - Introduction to Arabic II (3)

ARAB 101 is the continuation of ARAB 100. Continues to develop basic oral and written skills. Includes the study of Modern Standard Arabic language, including grammar, syntax and vocabulary. Also exposes students to the modern Arabic language and some major aspects of Middle Eastern/Arab culture. Prerequisite: ARAB 100 (or ARAB 134) or equivalent. Students with credit for ARAB 148 or LANG 148 under the title "Introductory Arabic II" may not take this course for further credit.