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German Courses

GERM 102 - Introductory German I (3)

Emphasis on the acquisition of spoken fluency, correct pronunciation, and reading facility. This course will be for all students who have not taken BC grade 12 German or its equivalent.

GERM 103 - Introductory German II (3)

Continues the work of GERM 102. It should be taken, wherever possible, in the term immediately following GERM 102. Prerequisite: GERM 102 or equivalent.

GERM 104 - German for Reading Knowledge I (3)

This is a first year German course intended for absolute beginners who want to acquire some rudimentary reading knowledge of German. Prerequisite: No knowledge of German is required.

GERM 201 - Intermediate German I (3)

Emphasis on oral command, accurate and idiomatic expression; reading of intermediate texts. Prerequisite: GERM 103 or equivalent.

GERM 202 - Intermediate German II (3)

Continues the work of GERM 201. Considerable emphasis will be placed on reading, oral and written command of the language. Prerequisite: GERM 201 or equivalent.

GERM 300 - Advanced German: Composition and Conversation (3)

Practice in comprehension, reading, speaking and writing, combined with a review of the essential points of grammar. Prerequisite: GERM 202 or consent of the instructor.