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Chemistry Co-operative Education Program

See for co-op co-ordinator contact information.

Co-operative education combines work experience with academic studies. The student spends alternate terms on campus and in study-related jobs.

A major and honours leading to a BSc, and a co-op education program incorporating three work terms, are available in chemistry and related areas.

The work practicum requirements are

  • CHEM 306-3 Practicum I
  • CHEM 307-3 Practicum II
  • CHEM 406-3 Practicum III
  • CHEM 407-3 Practicum IV

Application is at least three months prior to term start in which CHEM 306 is completed. Seek department advice early.

A minimum 2.67 CGPA is required to enrol and continue in the co-op major. Higher averages are required an honours in co-op.