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Master of Publishing

This program leads to a master of publishing degree (MPub) and is designed for those in, or intending to enter print or digital publishing work in trade companies, government or the non-profit sector. The program is composed of a set of seminar and simulation courses, an internship, and a project report, and encompasses a range of print and online publishing activities including marketing, management, design, and editing.

Admission Requirements

Applicants are required to possess a bachelor’s degree with a minimum 3.0 grade point average from a recognized university or equivalent. In addition, applicants must

  • have some demonstrated familiarity with trade, corporate or institutional publishing
  • be familiar with the operation of contemporary desktop and Internet computing environments
  • demonstrate a suitable level of competence in editing and proofreading
  • be familiar with the major concepts of marketing and accounting
  • demonstrate a suitable level of competence in English composition

Entering students are expected to have a minimum knowledge of publishing which will be assessed through an evaluation of experience and submitted documents, and in some cases, through interviews and examinations. Those without the necessary knowledge, understanding and skills will be required to successfully complete the following 17 units, or their equivalents.

  • BUS 251-3 Financial Accounting I
  • BUS 254-3 Managerial Accounting I
  • BUS 343-3 Introduction to Marketing
  • PUB 371-4 The Structure of the Book Publishing Industry in Canada
  • PUB 372-4 The Book Publishing Process

The following course is valuable background as a foundation for editing.

  • ENGL 375-4 Studies in Rhetoric

Satisfactory Performance

The progress of each student is assessed at the end of each term. A course grade of less than B is considered unsatisfactory. Any student who obtains a grade of less than B in two or more courses may be required to withdraw from the program.

Program Requirements

Course Work

Students complete 37 units in addition to an internship and project report. The curriculum is composed of courses offered exclusively within the program. The director may recommend that some students substitute courses from Simon Fraser University or other institutions, and/or experience and demonstrate expertise for program courses.

Internship and Project Report

A key component is an internship and project report which integrates the knowledge the student has gained with the demands of an applied setting. This internship is in the workplace, typically in industry, public institutions or government. An appropriate level of documentation and reporting is required. During the internship, which generally last four months, the student receives academic supervision as required from the student’s senior supervisor. Day-to-day supervision is by designated industry supervisors who have appropriate qualifications and will be appointed by the University. In very small companies, alternate arrangements may be made.

The internship will focus on a specific student-initiated project, by one or more supervisory committee members or by the industry supervisor’s employer. The student submits an outline defining the project scope, plans for documentation and reporting, anticipated activities, schedule and conclusion. The outline is approved by the supervisory committee and program director. Commitment of the company or institution, the industry supervisor and the University will be formalized by a letter exchange

The student produces two reports: a work report which is a student work appraisal; and a project report which investigates a particular problem. The latter serves as a project record and interpretation.

The supervisory committee and director assess the project on the basis of the quality of writing and the substance, scope, and relevance of research conducted.

There is no oral exam. However, a project report will be submitted (see graduate general regulation 1.11).

Academic Requirements within the Graduate General Regulations

All graduate students must satisfy the academic requirements that are specified in the Graduate General Regulations, as well as the specific requirements for the program in which they are enrolled.