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Analytics Project BUS 439 (3)

Examines complex, real-world decision making issues using an evidence-based approach that employs decision making strategies involving statistics, data management, analytics, and decision theory. Through a major decision making project within the community, students will experience first-hand the process of consultation, data acquisition, analysis, and recommendation. The data in the project will be proprietary to the community partners and students thus need to sign a non-disclosure agreement. A non-disclosure agreement template is attached to the course outline. The results of the project will remain the intellectual property of the students; notwithstanding, those results will be shared with the data provider. Students also have an option to complete a project with non-proprietary data. Prerequisite: BUS 345 or BUS 440, BUS 360W, BUS 437 or BUS 441, BUS 445, BUS 462, and BUS 464; 90 units; OR Data Science majors with BUS 360W, BUS 445, CMPT 354 and 90 units.