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Extended Essays in Contemporary Arts CA 829 (6)

These two essays are the final project of the MA. The extended essays build on knowledge students have gained in coursework. Students research in-depth two related topics in comparative media arts and develop and polish an original argument, with the goal of producing at least one essay suitable for publication. The length of each essay should be that of a typical academic journal article in the media arts, about 5000-7000 words. Students may also write catalogue essays or similar nonacademic publications, supplemented by a research essay. Students research each extended essays with the supervision of two faculty members. They prepare them for publication in the Research Colloquium, CA 822. Grading: The essays are evaluated by two supervisors. They jointly assign a grade of satisfactory/unsatisfactory. Prerequisite: CA (or FPA) 821 and two of the following: CA (or FPA) 823, 824, 825, or 826. Students with credit for FPA 829 may not take this course for further credit.